Guide of Authorized Retailers

U.S. Authorized Retailers

Thank you for visiting the official Dr+LAB USA website.

Dr+LAB products are guaranteed only when purchased through an authorized retailer. To ensure your products are authentic and of high quality, please purchase only through an authorized source.

To find an authorized retailer near you, please visit our Showroom which is located Koreatown plaza 3rd Floor in Koreatown, Los Angeles for DR+LAB brand products.

Unauthorized Online Retailers in the United States do not have direct access to DR+LAB products or to our educational resources.
They have no business relationship with our company. As a result, they may be selling expired or spoiled products. DR+LAB cannot vouch for these products, as they cannot be confirmed as genuine. Further, since these retailers do not have access to our educational and training resources, they cannot provide the professional consultation and information that is vital to the proper use and ultimate effectiveness of DR+LAB products.

The following online retailers have no relationship with the DR+LAB and are some of the online sites who are NOT authorized retailers of DR+LAB products. This is not a complete list and there are other non-authorized sites. We cannot vouch for the authenticity or condition of the products they sell, and we are not responsible for products purchased from these web sites.

Exclusive Distributor in U.S.A.